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The Virtual Room is a revolutionary visualisation laboratory: an interactive and immersive environment available for scientific visualisation. It is appropriate for use in universities, museums and galleries, and for exhibition promoters to convey complex and challenging information to audiences in a variety of unique, innovative and engaging ways.

One of the unique aspects of the display system is the way it allows participants to experience a changing perspective as they walk around whatever is contained within the Virtual Room. Audiences can be provided with the illusion that the entity (such as a dinosaur, city or galaxy) is physically contained within the confines of the eight screens.

This unique project has tremendous educational, export and technology diffusion potential. The Virtual Room is not just about education and entertainment; it represents the latest in scientific visualisation technology and gives the public access to a cutting-edge research project in stereoscopic visualisation.

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The Virtual Room hardware configuration is for sale as a commercial product. It comprises the fabrication and screens, computer hardware, projectors, speakers, filters, playback software for animation, and one installation configuration by a team from vroom inc. The system also comes with 200 polarised glasses.

Computer hardware and projectors may be sourced local to the customer.

Content can be commissioned on any subject and can be made interactive according to the client's specifications. Each of the partnership teams have extensive experience in the creation of stereographic content for virtual worlds, delivered in the round across eight screens. A portfolio of existing work for this environment is available on request.

A unique product with high impact and real world scale: this visualisation system will astound!

Please contact VROOMCo Pty Ltd for further information regarding costing for The Virtual Room installation and content production services. Please download the attached document (PDF 142k).

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