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The Virtual Room has been seed funded from the Victorian Government's Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) Initiative. The project investment, including cash and in-kind support, will total $3.3 million over three years. The STI unit is acting as a catalyst for knowledge and wealth creation by enhancing Victoria's science and technology base and by facilitating the delivery of beneficial research outcomes.

The project has five research partners with complementary experience in VR technologies working on the project. They are based at:

Swinburne University of Technology
The Centre for Astrophysics and Supercomputing, under the direction of Professor Matthew Bailes, has developed inexpensive VR technology for scientific visualisation and public education in the areas of astronomy and space science.

RMIT University
The Interactive Information Institute, under the direction of Norbert Nimmervoll, has a wealth of industrial experience in the creation and use of virtual reality.

Monash University
Jon McCormack and Alan Dorin are the co-directors of the Centre for Electronic Media Art (CEMA) in the School of Computer Science and Software Engineering. Both are internationally renowned specialists. Jon McCormack has received a number of international awards for his work, and was the inaugural recipient of an Australian Council New Media Arts Fellowship in 1997.

Adacel Technologies Ltd
A successful Victorian company that uses virtual reality in air traffic control tower simulators, and other areas. They have extensive experience at commercialising VR in the international marketplace.

Museum Victoria
The Museum currently has the first version of the Virtual Room installed in its Science and Life Gallery. The display is considered a premier attraction for the Museum and has a life span of three years or longer.

Associate Partners

University of Melbourne

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