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Research Material

I have just completed a forty-two day voyage around my room. The fascinating observations I made and the endless pleasures I experienced along the way made me wish to share my travels with the public…Be so good as to accompany me on my voyage…When travelling around my room, [I] rarely follow a straight line

Xavier de Maistre, 1794, Voyage Around My Room

The Virtual Room project generates a number of research papers and these will appear here on an ongoing basis.

name date author  
Avatars at the Flying Palace (370k)
Sarah Kenderdine
link to download pdf
Presence and Sound; Identifying Sonic Means to “Be there” (24k)
Paul Doornbusch & Sarah Kenderdine
link to download pdf
This is not a Peep Show (769k)
Sarah Kenderdine & Tim Hart
link to download pdf

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