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The Shows

The Virtual Room is currently closed for gallery redevelopment.
Please refer to this site again in April 2009.

 upcoming shows

 Panoramic Angkor
Eyes on Earth  

Eyes on Earth

See how satellites track weather, monitor pollution, create maps and help predict storms.

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LifeLab: Wirefire

LIFELAB is an interactive virtual space where you can interact with three-dimensional "Artificial Life". Artificial life is the scientific study of life-like forms and behaviours in non-biological media (normally computers). Artificial creatures exist in a virtual universe, but they can interact with you and change their behaviour based on the movement and shapes you make with your body.

This program plays for 50 minutes. 4pm-4.50pm

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ZOOM IN CLOSE UP: the natural world of Peter Parks

From pioneers of 3-D macro stereo photography Peter and son Chris Parks, Museum Victoria presents a carousel of close-up views of the natural world. Zoom in on reef dwelling fish, mollusks, jellyfish and coral spawns; insects and carnivorous plants and, reptiles from around the world. See as you have never seen before!

This program plays for 20 minutes.

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Dive into Diabetes  

DIVE INTO DIABETES SCIENCE: Take a deep 3D plunge from a single drop of blood on the skin's surface, down through the body's vessels and pancreatic cells to the micro world of DNA.

This program plays for 6 minutes.

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Einstein's Universe: This truly unique 3D experience represents the product of thousands of hours of supercomputer simulations of the Universe. It takes the audience back to the limit of the observable Universe and on a cosmic voyage through time explaining the evolution of galaxies and the structure of the cosmos.

Swinburne University.

This program plays for 5 minutes.


THE DEEP: The oceans remain the last expanse of Earth's wilderness and a source of fascination for all with the capacity to wonder. This work is based on the writings of early seafarers, contemporary marine biology, and on the documentation and collections.

CSSE Monash Unversity.

This program plays for 8 minutes.

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Sacred Angkor  
Sacred Angkor: stereographic panoramas of the temple complex
Recorded January 2004, Cambodia.
Immerse yourself in the rich archaeology and potent sacred space of Angkorean temple architecture and relief sculpture. Angkor was capital of the medieval Khmer empire in Cambodia (9th–17th C) and continues to capture the world’s imagination with its immense scale and beauty.
Due to system demands this program does not play currently.

Director: Sarah Kenderdine
Photographer: Peter Murphy
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aichi thumbnail  

Victoria goes Expo
recorded April 2005

Welcome to a real-world 3D adventure at the World Expo 2005 in Aichi, Japan.

With more than 120 countries participating and an estimated 15 million visitors expected to attend, this Expo is one of the largest ever held.

Australia has an outstanding pavilion at the World Expo, captured in this film commissioned for the people of Victoria by the Department of Innovation, Industry and Regional Development on behalf of State Government of Victoria.

This program runs for 6 minutes. Now that the EXPO is well and truly over, this program no longer plays.

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Exploring Mars  
Exploring Mars takes you on a journey to the red planet, Mars. You will be able to explore the surface of Mars in search of signs of water with the help of the rover "Spirit" and actual 3D photographs of Martian surface.
This program plays for 3 minutes. Due to system demands this program does not play currently.
Australian Polar Dinosaurs  
Australian Polar Dinosaurs roamed Victoria and Southern Australia 115 million years ago. Based on accurate scientific research, the Virtual Room lets you glimpse the lives of the Leaellynasaura, the Allosaur and other prehistoric creatures in a winter forest lit only by the moon and the Aurora Australis.

This program plays for 5 minutes.

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Felix the Cat  
The Future of Visualisation explores the past, present and future of moving images. Witness historic developments and experience up-to-date technologies of 'seeing'. The Virtual Room is the next step in the evolution of visualisation.
This program plays for 3 minutes.
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the brain  
Think Big is your chance to explore the human brain.
This virtual environment tells three different stories: what the brain does, how the brain works, and how researchers obtain this information. The Virtual Room makes you think about the extraordinary tasks that our brains perform.
This program plays for 8 minutes. Due to system demands this program does not play currently.
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a thylacine  
The Thylacine
Thylacine perhaps better known as the 'Tassie Tiger' is one of Australia's most popular cultural icons. Tragically the last known thylacine died in captivity in 1936, and the reputation of the world's largest marsupial carnivore continues to grow in mythic proportions. Is it really extinct? How did this tragedy occur? Could a thylacine be cloned?
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